The Simple Way to Earn Consent and Build Trust

Databoxer provides a subtle, on-brand, ever present tab allowing website visitors to easily make and change their communication and personalisation preferences.

This transparent and deliberately user-friendly approach has been shown to increase customer loyalty.*

Databoxer's Consent Management Platform (CMP) complies with Article 7** of the GDPR by providing a timestamped audit trail for each consent.

Your visitors stay in full control of their personal data. You build trust and earn more opt-ins all while remaining GDPR compliant.

Simple, consistent way to manage consent
Elegant interface
Responsive design
Customisable for native look and feel
Build trust and earn more opt-ins
Best in class user experience
Consent communicated through the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework
Audit trail of consents
Legally approved consent questions
Unbundled consents presented in plain English
Easy to implement
No tech skills required
Integrations with 3rd party vendors (email, CRM, advertising) to record consent in one central hub
Consent question wizard
Set consents across multiple web properties
Multi-language capability

* Label Insights 2016 Transparency ROI Study showed that "nearly all consumers – 94% – are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. Transparency is ranked the highest in a list of factors that motivate consumers to be loyal to a brand."

** Article 7 of the GDPR sets out the conditions required for data processing based on consent

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